Threat Post

Fancy Bear Uses Nuke Threat Lure to Exploit 1-Click Bug

The APT is pairing a known Microsoft flaw with a malicious document to load malware that nabs credentials from Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.

Office 365 Config Loophole Opens OneDrive, SharePoint Data to Ransomware Attack

A reported a "potentially dangerous piece of functionality" allows an attacker to launch an attack on cloud infrastructure and ransom files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive.

Voicemail Scam Steals Microsoft Credentials

Attackers are targeting a number of key vertical markets in the U.S. with the active campaign, which impersonates the organization and Microsoft to lift Office365 and Outlook log-in details.

Facebook Messenger Scam Duped Millions

One well crafted phishing message sent via Facebook Messenger ensnared 10 million Facebook users and counting.

DragonForce Gang Unleash Hacks Against Govt. of India

In response to a comment about the Prophet Mohammed, a hacktivist group in Malaysia has unleashed a wave of cyber attacks in India.

Travel-related Cybercrime Takes Off as Industry Rebounds

Upsurge in the tourism industry after the COVID-19 pandemic grabs the attention of cybercriminals to scam the tourists.