Secure Your Office

Secure Your Office

Helping Your Office Network and Documents to Be More Secure

Security is crucial for businesses of any size. Hacks on large companies tend to make headlines, but smaller businesses are typically more of a target because criminals believe they will be easier to access. There are a variety of documents, including medical records, employees’ personal information and clients’ financial documents that you do not want falling into the wrong hands. 

Boosting Company Security

Losing data could result in lawsuits from clients as well as a substantial loss of business. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can effortlessly increase security.

  • Install Automatic Image Overwrite, which will automatically eliminate sensitive data after it has been printed or scanned
  • Implement encrypted scanning, which will safely transmit documents being sent to the copier, printer or fax machine
  • Track scanning jobs by installing a login system, allowing you to know who called for each print job
  • Get protected from both external and internal threats by installing the McAfee security system onto all of your computer and devices
  • Ensure every device you acquire comes with the Common Criteria Certification

In the business world, it is always preferable to be safe than sorry. Ensure your network is as secure as can be, and get more information from one of our qualified professionals by contacting us.