Be More Productive

Be More Productive

Increasing the Productivity of Your Office

Overall productivity is difficult to measure. However, it is something that needs to be kept high within every department at your organization. There are certain ways you can improve your office productivity by means of your printers, copiers and other devices.

Enhancing Productivity in IT Department

Your IT workers have a lot to handle. Make things easier by implementing the following tips.

  • Use an ID card or existing login system
  • Implement wireless connectivity, so workers can troubleshoot from any physical space
  • Create self-help videos to assist workers elsewhere with troubleshooting own problems
  • Install firmware updates automatically

Improving Productivity for Everyone Else

Your other staff members may not be as technologically savvy, but there is still a lot you can do to help them out. The list includes:

  • Request supplies in regular intervals
  • Integrate applications, including DropBox and Microsoft SharePoint, into office devices
  • Scan documents into the Cloud instead of physically filing them, so they are easier to locate
  • Allow workers to install apps onto smartphones, which allow them to print from anywhere
  • Download translation services, allowing documents to be sent in any language

It is fairly simple to implement at least a few of these tips at your own office. To get help in doing so, contact us to speak with a qualified individual.

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